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Alternative Energy

Power to perform work.  We all need it, we all use it, and we are paying greater portions of our paychecks for it.  Fuel in the vehicles, heating your house and domestic water, electricity is our commom way of life.  Wars have been fought and more will be started over the control of oil fields, gas fields, coal fields, and nuclear power plants.  Energy is important to us, and our world stops without it.

At Clouser Farm, we take the cost of energy very seriously.  Because we are "inventive" types, we are always looking for ways to save energy, cut costs, or create our own energy for less.  This is difficult to do, but not impossible.

Our most successful project to date has been the production of BIODIESEL from used vegetable oil.  We have burned THOUSANDS of gallons of bio-D through our farm tractors, and it has helped our costs immensely.  We use the "cracking" method with a high-speed shear - much like the blender in your kitchen - along with a catalyst that helps to break down long fatty chains in the oil.  Our fuel would not pass as government approved fuel, and it does gel at about 40 degrees F. , but since most of our usage is in the summer months, that is not a big deal.

Most recently, we have designed a floor-model electric heater that converts light to heat by radiating the light of a flood light onto ceramic tiles set apart and parallel within the box.  These tiles were painted black.  They then continue to radiate heat from the unit through a natural convection air flow created in the box.  A small fan, such as that used on a desktop computer, could be mounted in the lower end of the box to force warm air up and out.  The light can be set on a thermostat to turn on and off, if desired.   Two 100-watt light bulbs can warm up your living room by several degrees in this manner, and serve as a secondary heat source.

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