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We spend hours researching the internet for engineering tips, and methods of agriculture, sawing, and just making our business work better in general.  Sometimes we develop spreadsheets that aid in computing formulas, or in keeping records.  Some of these files are being offered to YOU, our readers, at NO COST.

But we are asking one thing.... we are asking that you join membership with us so that we can generate a list of interested users, and develop a website that is helpful in networking information with you.  The index page to these resources is passcoded, and that password will be available once you sign up.  That's all there is to it.  No money for the file list, because maybe there is nothing there you even want.  But by having your email address, we can mail you a newsletter from time to time, perhaps as often as once a month, just to touch base with you in some way.

Thanks for your interest in Clouser Farm!

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