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The Farm Operation

Clouser Farm Enterprises is the operating business of the Ken Clouser family in Madisonburg, Pennsylvania, USA.  Ken’s parents purchased the 142 acre farm in 1961 and for 38 years, dairy farming was the principal means by which the family made money. 

Now on the third generation of Clousers, more people demanded more income than the little dairy herd could support.  Other businesses and brainstorms began creeping up, including on-farm sawmill and blade sharpening business.  The farm still houses and feeds a dairy herd, and produces milk for the wholesale market.  We have a farm shop that provides maintenance for the farm equipment and also now manufactures bandsaw mills and sawmill parts.  The future is always a bit uncertain, but there is opportunity for the ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit!

It’s never very easy for anyone to make an HONEST living, and this farm is no exception.  A lot of sweat and blood goes into the operation.  Internet affiliate business and alternative energies are some of our newest endeavors, and we hope that the information that we can pass along to you will be helpful in your websearching.

We believe that a broad base of incomes is helpful is securing the financial stability of small farmers such as ourselves, especially in the Northeast where land prices are high and the pressure to sell is even higher.

Located along the sunny side of the mountain in Brush Valley, our farm provides a scenic view of the neighboring Amish farms and open countryside.

Our farm is registered with Penn State’s AgMap website.  To view our information and mapping location from AgMap, you can zoom in on us at

Clouser Farm in Madisonburg


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