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Ken Clouser built his first sawmill in 1988 from old parts of a Farquire circle-saw and carriage that he hauled home in several pickup loads.  He was introduced to bandsaw technology in 1990 by Paul Nelson, president of Timber Harvester.  Shortly thereafter, the Clousers purchased a Timber Harvester portable bandsaw and son Tim Clouser continued sawing on this machine and several TH upgrades until 2006. In the spring of 2008, son Tom installed an electric 3-phase generator and built an all-electric operation in the building, using Ken’s latest design prototype – an UPRIGHT bandsaw head that sits stationary, and a carriage on a track moves the log back and forth.  Production increased immensely as support equipment was added.

Primarily sawing hardwoods, the farm operation focuses on the output of grade and pallet lumber for the wholesale market.  Other men in the family including Tim and Tom’s son Jason, as well as Tim’s young children that are growing into the farm business, all contribute to the work effort required of the mill.

Custom sawing also makes up a portion of the family sawing business.  Contact us for a quote on sawing lumber for you.

We are buying hardwood logs delivered to the mill.  Give us a call.


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